JackSM - Jack Session Manager

JackSM is a small peace of software design to easily configure/launch the Jack audio serveur.

As QjackCtl do, JackSM allow you to start/stop your jack server through a simple GUI, but JackSM
is written in C/GTK+.

News :

2009-07-11 : 0.2 stable is released. Check for tarballs here or on the sourceforge page, here.
                     Please note that this code is not maintained anymore, future version will be
                     based on a new GObject code. I released it because it work (at least for me;)
                     and to show jacksm first ui draft, anyway features are really limited !

Requirements :

In order to build JackSM you'll need :
    • glib-2.0      >= 2.6.0
    • gtk-2.0       >= 2.16.0
    • gconf-2.0   >= 2.8.0
    • unique-1.0 >= 1.0.0
    • alsa           >= 1.0.0

Usage :

JackSM is a little status icon realy easy to use ...        [screenshot]
(I'm looking for artwork, if somebody is able/interested in doing it, please, mail me)
Normaly, the program apear in the gnome/kde/etc main menu ...
If it does not, try jacksm in a terminal.

License :

This is free software under the GPL license, see the file COPYING for details.

Authors :

Martin Blanchard < tinram _ at _ orange _ dot _ fr >

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